If you’ve met a camel before, you may have noticed the intensity of their stare. But what do you see when you get in a little closer?

You may first notice the intricate and beautiful design of their pupils; almost like a flower in bloom. It’s perfectly decorated by two rows of eyelashes both on the top and bottom eyelids that not only leave one feeling rather envious of their luscious curly lashes, but also protects their eyes from sand and dirt.

One of their most impressive features is that of their three eyelids, one of which is a translucent layer that acts as a nictitating membrane, covering the eye completely but still allowing them to see as they navigate the harsh conditions and sand storms of the desert.

Of course, you can’t miss their gorgeous bushy brows, that allows them to be rather expressive. It’s hard to resist a camel who raises its eyebrows and widens its eyes in anticipation when it sees you coming with a sweet treat.

Next time you’re with a camel, be sure to sit with them and look into their eyes. It’s a beautiful way to connect and you’re sure to be fascinated!