Baby camel and toddler greet each other through a fence

Do you look back on the photos of your kids and smile remembering how cute they were when they were so little? We love this photo in particular as it shows our son as a toddler with our camel, Mustafa when he was a newborn calf. Look how they greet each other, both so curious and gentle. A bond with an animal is such as gift.

A little girl hugs the neck of a sitting camel

Kids really enjoy our camel rides. Sometimes, a child is frightened by the big size of a camel and nervous to go for a ride. Luckily for the child, not only are our cameleers talented at encouraging kids to hop on the camel but also our camels are so gentle. The best reward is watching the cautious child give a camel a big hug after the ride! It’s the best things to do in Alice Springs with kids or fun school excursion Alice Springs