We thank all those that continue to support our family micro-business – Alice Springs locals donating to our camel plop pick up; generous friends and awesome strangers gifting our camel with hay; Tourism Central Australia and Northern Territory Tourism for reaching out to give support; Booking Boss, our online booking system, for being enthusiastic and excited as we seek out rapid adaptation and for making change happen; agents, inbounders, wholesalers, we look forward to working with you all again in the future.

We thank the Northern Territory Government for its business incentive schemes that helps us put in place plans and employs local tradies.

We thank the Australian Government for their Jobkeeper program that helps us keep our staff, who are lovely human beings with special skills in looking after our camels, our visitors and our camel farm.

With thanks to you all from the red heart of Central Australia.

I’m standing on the red heart of Central Australia