The mountain bike trails in Alice Springs are very unique. Explore an expanding web of trails from natural rock chutes and raw rock gardens to some more flow sections of hand cut or machined single track, which take you out into the bush land and weave you around some stunning views. The trails can be accessed within a short ride from town centre, yet you can feel like you’re in the middle of the outback.

There is a wide range of trails to interest all level of riders, so wheter you are a beginner or a keen mountain biker you will find something you love. The trails in Alice are more XC oriented but there is still plenty of gnarly rock descents around. Make sure you download a copy of the Alice Springs MTB trail map.

Mountain biking is also a great way to see the wildlife around Central Australia. You might come across a variety of animals, rock wallabies, kangaroos, and a wide array of native birds.

Check out this video from Flow to entice you to Come ride Alice springs and get amongst it.

Photo credit: Tourism NT/Travis Deane – Mountain biking in the Red Centre