Feed a camel … virtually

Did you know that a camel’s hump is filled with fat not water … and a camel’s weekly food budget is $25? Their staple food at the camel farm is hay, along with a vitamin-enriched salt lick. For a treat, we hand-pick local salt bush that they get very excited to munch on.

With the tourism restrictions of Covid-19, buying dinner is a little tricky!

You can help today … virtually … by clicking on Feed a Camel. It’s social distancing with heart! We thank you from our heart, here at the beating red heart of Central Australia.

When it’s time for our international friends to ride again, or if you have rode with us in the past, we invite our guests to gift the camel you rode with a stash of feed.  Perfect addition to your camel riding Alice Springs.

We will make sure to put the hay you bought onto the camel’s plate. 
Please note this is not an offer for you to feed a camel in person. This is a virtual feeding gift. 

Click here to feed our hungry grateful camels.

You get to choose which camel you buy feed for (or share it among them all)  and whether to gift for one week or even for one whole month.
Yum yum!’ say our camels, with their big shapely chewing camel lips. Thank you.