Do I need to book a camel ride?
Yes, you need to book. We have to let our camels know that you are coming so we can get them ready for you. Book early to avoid disappointment, we recommend as far in advance as possible.
Camel rides are available all year round with live availability shown on our bookings calendar. Please click here to check our real time availability calendar.

Can I have a quick camel ride or farm tours?
No. We don’t offer short camel rides or farm tours. All camel rides are one hour.

I tried to book online but your calendar shows no tours available. Does that mean you are fully booked?
Yes. When you see no availability it means either the camel tour is full, or the camels are working another job or even having a rest day. Our camel rides are available all year round with live availability shown on our bookings calendar.
Choose Book Now to see the calendar. 

Can I go on a waitlist if the online calendar shows no availability?
Yes, If you’d like to go on the waitlist, please use text message to +61 416 170 164. Write WAITLIST as your first word, then write your name, mobile contact, what date / time you want to camel ride and for how many adults and kids. In order to follow up your request please text message to +61 416 170 164

What do I need to bring?
Firstly, come to your camel ride well hydrated; drink water before you leave home! 
Choose sun-smart clothing including sunscreen; avoid wearing singlets or shirts that provide no sun protection. Comfortable shoes are best including sandals. Wearing very short shorts or a short skirt may be uncomfortable sitting on your camel. Bring a day pack if you wish.
For insurance purposes, we supply a riding helmet that has a sun visor. It’s not possible to wear a hat under the helmet. If you want added sun protection, drape a scarf around your neck.

Where do I go on the camel ride?
For our camel ride we go from the Pyndan Camel Tracks camel yards into White Gums Station, in a valley up close to the MacDonnell Ranges. During the camel tour often you will see Australian animals like kangaroos and other native wildlife as you experience the true beauty of the Red Centre.  

Can I get picked up for my tour from my hotel?
Yes your tour includes hotel pick up and drop off. Or you can self-drive to Pyndan Camel Tracks. Sunset tours include light refreshments. A map is on our Contacts page. Pyndan Camel Tracks is located only 20 minutes from Alice Springs CBD.

Can I drive myself to Pyndan Camel Tracks?
Yes. Check your hotel reception for our brochure that has a map. We’ve put a mud map and directions on our Contact & Location page. 
Or put Pyndan Camel Tracks’ into your favourite map app.

How many people ride on each camel? Can kids ride a camel safely?
Each ticket is per person and its twin share on a camel. Our camels are tied in a ‘string’ or ‘camel train’ rather than free camel riding and led by our experience cameleer. Our experienced cameleers will choose who sits in front or back for safety reasons.
In the event that the tour is not full, you may be offered a camel to ride by yourself at the cameleer’s discretion. If you want to guarantee that you ride by yourself, please purchase 2 tickets (ie pay for 2 persons).

Although camels are quite tall, it is safe for children and their responsible adult will sit in the saddle seat behind a child. Children under 3 years old must sit on a parent’s lap.

What happens I need to cancel? Are there terms and conditions?
Yes. Cancellations made within 48 hours of your tour are not refunded. We can change the date of your tour or convert your tour into a gift card.
Or if you cancel giving us at least 48 hours notice, we can refund your tour. 

We encourage our customers to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances. Refer to our Policies page for further details. 

If a situation beyond the control of Pyndan Camel Tracks arises, and Pyndan Camel Tracks have to cancel the tour, then a 100% refund applies. Don’t worry! Cancellations are very rare. Alice Springs is in a desert environment and the average annual rainfall is only around 200mm, if we get that! When it does rain or has been raining recently we’d have to cancel for safety reasons. Wet weather makes the track slippery and we value your comfort and the safety and nerves of our gentle camels—our ships of the desert. If we had to cancel, we will endeavour to contact you through your hotel or supplied contact number. Hopefully we could arrange another time for you to come on our scenic rides, or a special visit to pat our gentle giants. 

We reserve the right to alter the times of tours or cancel tours without notice. Camels are hardy desert creatures but on rare occasions one of our hard workers can get sick. We usually have a spare camel, however, in case we don’t or the others are still in training, we want to make sure that your safety is paramount. Marcus has been training camels for four decades and his camels are great!

Can I visit Pyndan Camel Tracks at any time or do you have opening hours?
We are open during the afternoon camel tour times; to check availability see our availability calendar on our website. 

Can I ride a camel with some accessibility restrictions? 
It’s hard for us to answer your question without some more information from you. We’d prefer to talk by phone +61 416 170 164 to discuss accessibility requirements.
For your own safety it’s really important that you are able to comfortably dis-/mount the camel; imagine it’s sort of like getting on and off a wide motorbike. You really do need some strength to get yourself on, off and stay comfortably seated on the camels.
We use a mounting platform to get from earth onto the camel’s saddle rather than you mounting your camel while its seated on the ground, and then it stands up. You’ll need the strength as described above; plus the mobility to swing your leg over your camel’s body so you can mount the seat. Once on your camel, it’s really necessary that you’ll have the balance to hold yourself seated independently. There are about 6 steps that you climb to get up onto the mounting platform.
We do not recommend making a booking if you have ongoing back issues; are planning or recently had a hip replacement; if you are pregnant; if you cannot comfortable squat into a moderately low position or lift your leg up like you were getting onto a motor bike; or your balance is compromised and you cannot sit stably.
As assistance animals are not able to be loaded on to a camel it is not possible to join our tours with assistance animals. Please make contact as we can find a safe spot for your assistance animal to relax while you are out with the camels. 

If it’s decided that anyone’s safety is at risk, we will have to ask you to not join the tour.
We can offer you a visit Pyndan Camel Tracks to enjoy the ambience of being around the camels. Bring yourself a picnic to enjoy while you watch the camels at home in their camel yards.
We seek to include participation by customers of all abilities if possible and are mindful of safety and our Risk Management Plan. The time of booking is the opportunity to discuss accessibility requirements.
Accessible parking is available at the tourist car park, which is located at least 200 metres from the camel ride. The terrain between the parking area and camel yards is suitable for robust wheel-chairs and prams. Toilet facilities are not wheel-chair accessible or fitted with hand rails.

Can the camel carry me? Do you have weight restrictions?
We don’t have a weight restriction.
However, we want you to relax and enjoy your investment of spending time with our gentle camels. We recommend that if you weigh 120kgs or more (and you’re not exceptionally tall) that purchasing 2 seats helps alleviate any anxiety. Each camel carries 2 people = 2 seats. You will have a camel all to yourself.
Please send us a message via text or What’sApp +61 416 170 164 or an email to pyndan@cameltracks.com if you’d like to chat more. 

Can I buy souvenirs? 
Yes, we have a souvenir shop where you can buy postcards of the camel you rode and other camel-themed souvenirs.

Can I fly my drone during my camel ride? 
No, drones are not permitted during the camel ride. However, you can book an exclusive tour for filming purposes. We’ll share with your our safety policy for filming during camel rides. 

Do you have COVID-19 policies?
Our COVID-19 checklist is in place, we are inspected and approved. We have put in place all possible precautions and systems to share the safest environment possible under the circumstances.
We’ve implemented vigilant cleaning protocols in our work place including: regular cleaning of communal hard surfaces; regular disinfection of hands; cleaning camel saddles before / after each tour; and exercising social distancing.
Your safety is our number one priority, so we’ve requested that if any team member feels unwell they should remain at home and we ask our customers to do the same.
Click on our policies page for further details of our COVID-19 policies.  

What’s your #hashtag?
#pyndancamels We love to see all your photos. Please share with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Are there other camel tour operators in Alice Springs?
Pyndan Camel Tracks is the only company offering camel rides in Alice Springs.

What camel tour companies do long treks?
Camel Treks Australia have extended camel-riding safaris both in the Far North Flinders Range of South Australia and international adventures in India, Mongolia, Turkey and Morocco.

Who brought the camels to Australia?
Muslim cameleers – known as Afghans in Australia from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan among other places – were instrumental in establishing communication and supply links between Australian coastal and inland towns in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Afghans assisted all major expeditions into Australia’s uncharted territory starting with the Burke and Wills expedition in 1860. They successfully negotiated enormous obstacles across the landscape and brought supplies and provisions and took wool and minerals back to ports from the inland in a way that was predictable and efficient. For more information watch the ABCs Compass Program all about Afghan cameleers: https://youtu.be/buMLmCBzNSs