Camelman Markus and Camel Pixie are sitting next to each other and having a laugh

Our mission is to introduce people to camels to share our joy of making friends with such a gentle large animal. The safety and well being of customers and staff, both human and camel, are our foundational priorities. The Corona Virus pandemic has affected so many globally, including tourism operators, and our sympathy extends to you all.

The current social distancing policies recommended by the government and health authorities guide Pyndan Camel Tracks’ activities. In response we are designing some creative adaptations that we are excited to share. First camel off the train …
… We invite you to choose one or all of our camels to gift with food, a special opportunity to social distance with heart.  Click here to feed a grateful hungry camel.

Camels are happy to share hay.

We respect that COVID-19 protocols are subject to change.

I do recommend that you phone me on 0416170164 to see if I can tailor make you a private camel tour.Thanks for your patience and your support for local small business.

Marcus Williams, Director