East Macs

Many of the walks at Trephina Gorge are only an hour or so, which gives you lots of time for nature watching along the way. A more challenging walk is chain of ponds at John Hayes Rockhole.

Trephina Bluff campground not far from Trephina Gorge is a good place to base yourself for a couple of nights if you’d like a mix of some serious relaxing in the riverbed plus some shorter walks.

Ross River Resort nearby-ish serves food in case you want to drive to civilisation. 

Camping at Ross River Resort in the East MacDonnnells

Finke Gorge National Park

One of my favourite spots is to camp on the way into Bogey Hole. Unless you have a couple of cars I don’t recommend going there alone unless you are very well experienced in 4Wdriving … and it’s a bit tricky to find the road in. It’s my absolute favourite place to visit; I can hardly bear to share it. Please be incredibly responsible. You do not want to get stuck alone … traffic, rangers and all the rest may be in short supply.

Palm Valley

Palm Valley Camp ground is very special; walks are lovely. Completely serene. 

West Macs

Any day walks for the Larapinta Trail are divine. Pay attention to their level of difficulty. Some of my favourites include:

Ormiston Gorge – Pound Walk – half day walk

Climb Mount Sonder – full day walk

Ochre Pits for the amazing colours of nature, easy walk. 

Walk into Glen Helen Gorge, sit there and watch the birds. Afterwards, order lunch at the Resort and a cool drink. 

Camping in Central Australia gets one away from crowds.
Ochre colours collide against ochre colours, Tjoritja Western MacDonnells National Park